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Please note that Alleged Literature has a new address: http://www.alleged.org.uk/. That is where you should be looking for updates to the Alleged Tarot or Jeremy’s Weekly Strip. I intend to replace this site with a bunch of redirects to the new site some time when I have time to spare...  —Damian (8 May 2002)

Link to Damian’s pages Damian Cugley is the perpetrator of these web pages. I live and work in Oxford. Come see the Alleged Tarot 2002, an on-going project to create a virtual tarot deck using SVG. I also have some photo albums (Aviemore, Roch Castle, Bologna, and CAPTION97) amongst other things.

Link to Jeremy’s pages Jeremy Dennis is a female cartoonist living in Oxford. Read her weekly strip (updated every Tuesday since April 2001). Gaze upon excerpts from the N Testament.

Link to CAPTION pages CAPTION is an convention for small-press, independent and alternative comics, running annually from 1992. [new urls] We now have a separate CAPTION web site: http://caption.org/. We have an archive of reports & photos from past CAPTION conventions, and will be soon adding details of CAPTION 2002.


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April 2002

(8 April.) Alleged Tarot: week 15: Temperance and The Devil.
(2 April) Jeremy's latest weekly strip.
(1 April) Alleged Tarot, week 14: the Sevens of Wands, Cups, Swords, Coins.


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