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Jeremy Dennis

Jeremy Dennis is a female artist living in Oxford. She has produced many zines and mini-comics, ranging in size from the credit-card-sized minis to magazine-sized comics. Jeremy's produced dozens of different minis about anything from monsters under the bed to an A-Z of Booze and A-Z of Unusual Sexual Terminology. More prosaically she has worked on web sites for Oxfam and On The Line.

The weekly strip

Most recent 4 strips

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50. Winter Living
19 March 2002
Link to comic strip
51. The Swamp
26 March 2002
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52. Wretchospective
02 April 2002
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53. Hiatus
01 May 2002

The N Testament

Jeremy has kept a visual diary for the last few years, drawing one page per day using the pages of a Good News Bible. The result is The N Testament.


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        Rosemary Rent was Jeremy's planned sequel to the 3 in a Bed series of comics about the lives and loves of a bunch of people sharing a house in Oxford.

Meet the stars of Rent -- with pictures!

Read 3inaBed presents Rent: the 12 Days of Christmas -- a complete comic on line.

Last chance to see: Neurotic Monsters

Jeremy's now experimenting with producing a comic strip completely in the computer -- the first result is Neurotic Monsters at the Foot of my Bed.

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