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Damian Cugley (1998)

Roch castle and Bologna mini-albums

30 October 1998 #

Fifteen of us hired Roch Castle in west Wales for a week in late October 1998. I had to leave early, so on my last day there Jeremy gave me a disposable camera to take a few snaps of the outside of the castle.

The first project meeting of the SEAHORSE 2 project was held in Bologna, in northen Italy, on 22 and 23 October 1998. I took the camera with me and took some photos of Bologna.

Introducing my new bike

16 August 1998 #

Yes! Pictures of my new bicycle, and not before time. Actually, I only have my bike here because I don't have a cat to give a webpage to... Update: I was intending to add more info about my bike and cycling in Oxford but so far I have never found the time. So this page is a little old... :-)

pdc-morph.muf—a routine for quick-changing MUD avatars

12 July 1998 #

(WARNING. This paragraph will make no sense to people who aren’t MUCK builders.) Here’s a dump (@archive) of pdc-morph.muf, a popular morphing program I wrote on FurryMuck. It takes the form of commands you would need to type to re-create the program object. You will need to make a few minor edits to use it on another system. For example, mentions of its dbref (#8813) will need to be changed to its new dbref.

Self-labelling and the PICSies

1 July 1998 #

I felt I should give self-labelling (self-rating) a go, not because any of my site is intended to be for adults only, but because labelling systems like PICS really need for all web sites to be labelled.

Accessibility: Submitting to Bobby

1 June 1998 #

I had hoped to get my site Bobby-approved (meaning that it has passed various accessibilty tests), but HTML 4.0's introduction has moved the goalposts somewhat. Here's what I've learned so far.

Always lock your bike

29 May 1998 #

My bike was stolen on the day before Good Friday (9 April 1998). Normally I religiously bolted my bike to something whenever I left it. I  nevertheless talked myself into thinking it would be relatively safe, stuck under the stairs in the foyer of the office building I work at. This is a classic case of security being undermined by because a small inconvenience experienced daily seems like a big inconvenience after a while. Fellow cyclists, learn from my misfortune!


1 May 1998 #

With some effort and only a few surprises I was able to get my web pages validated as conformant HTML 4.0. I wrote a short article about the process of getting validated in my somewhat defunct web project area.

CAPTION97 photo album

25 April 1998 #

I took almost 200 pictures of small-press-comics folk at the convention EuroCAPTION97. Here's the finished album, with many of the duff pictures discarded. Update: With the creation of the CAPTION web site, this album has moved home and in the process has been redesigned with a less archaic look.

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