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Damian Cugley (200202)

Alleged Tarot (9): Justice and The Hermit

26 February 2002 #

What with visiting friends and misecllaneous babies in London (not to mention the V&A, the illuminated float at the British Museum, and the newly-opened Millenium Bridge), I almost neglected to draw this week’s installment of my ongoing virtual tarot-deck project, which is two more of the trumps: VIII. Justice and VIIII. The Hermit.

Alleged Tarot (Week 8): Four × Four

19 February 2002 #

This week’s installment in my on-going project to create an tarot deck in SVG is the fours of each suit: Wands, Cups, Swords, and Coins. Hope you all enjoy them.

Alternatives to Webclasses

16 February 2002 #

An addendum to my rant about Webclasses considered harmful: Alternative web-application platforms (which I have not used yet): Cocoon 2: XML + XSLT + Java, with strong separation of logic, content, and presentation; ZOPE: object-oriented web platform, programmed in Python or Perl.

SVG interaction sans Javascript

13 February 2002 #

In my SVG tarot deck, I could not decide between drawing the pips cards plain or with pictures on, so I added a button to toggle the picture on and off. People using Adobe’s SVG plug-in version 2 have reported problems with the Javascript—something about its not understanding getElementById. I did not want to start getting in to an endless struggle to remain compatible with what is after all an obsolete browser (version 3 is available gratis from Adobe); I have enough compatibility nightmares with HTML on Netscape Navigator 4. But it occurred to me to try to instead use SVG’s built-in animation features, so that I was not using Javascript at all. I hope that I can thereby avoid causing trouble on older SVG viewers, since they presumably will simply ignore the animation elements.

More on SVG’s intrinsic animations (

Alleged Tarot (week 7): Lovers and Chariot

11 February 2002 #

This week, just in time for St Valentine’s Day, my on-going tarot deck project reaches VI. The Lovers and VII. The Chariot. The main innovation this week (don’t get too excited...) is I have added a definition for the letter ‘v’ to the font used for the card titles.

Alleged Tarot (Week 6): 3333

5 February 2002 #

This week’s installment of my on-line tarot deck is the four Threes: Wands, Cups, Swords, Coins. This week also sees a behind-the-scenes change to the way I convert the simple images in to the complete cards. Up until now I edited the fancy image file by hand in a text editor using cut & paste. Now I have a Tcl script that does this step automatically. The idea is that I spend more of my time drawing and less of it fiddling with the SVG code!

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