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Damian Cugley (200204)


16 April 2002 #

After much tweaking I have now transferred much of my old site to the new server on I have not yet tackled the photo albums, or any of Jeremy’s stuff. It has taken this long mainly because I have been tidying up some of the old cruft—replacing GIF files with PNGs, and eliminating the last remnants of the old HTMLgen-based files (HTMLgen being the recursor to TclHTML 5).

Working on

15 April 2002 #

This week’s tarot installment is being delayed slightly while I work on transferring a copy of my sweb site to the new servers for Sorry for the incovenience!

13 April 2002 #

I have now put up the first page on my brand-spanking-new web-site, whose URL you should find familiar: So far its only content is a new and improved front page, all of whose links link to this one. Eventually all the old content will be copied across, but I want to give myself a chance to tidy things up along the way.

Alleged Tarot (15): Temperance and the Devil

8 April 2002 #

The latest installment in my stick-figure tarot deck is two more of the trumps: XIIII. Temperance and XV. The Devil. Hope you all enjoy them.

Allegd Tarot (14): 7 seventy-seven 7

1 April 2002 #

The virtual tarot deck continues with all the sevens (Wands, Cups, Swords, and Coins). For some reason these have been the toughest cards so far—the concepts they embody proved elusive when it comes to devising a stick-figure illustration. Luckily for ’their’ weekend I have had an extra day or so in which to draw them (because it is the Easter break).

I have also tweaked the navigation between the pages for pips cards—each now has links at the bottom to the same number in the other three suits.

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