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Damian's mud room

What's a mud? A mud is a text-based, mult-player, shared-world game. Depending on the mud, the emphasis may be on solving puzzles (like in PC adventure games) or social interaction with other players. there are several flavours of mud (different because they are supported by different software) with names like mucks, mushes and moos. If you're curious about the word "mud", it originally stood for "multi-user dungeon" ("dungeon" being an old term from role-playing games).

I used to spend more time playing on Muds (specifically FurryMuck and Tapestries) than I do nowadays. When I find time I will add some stuff about my FurryMuck character, Slate. For now we have, by popular demand, a copy of a program I wrote.

(WARNING. This paragraph will make no sense to people who aren't muck builders.) Here's a dump (@archive) of pdc-morph.muf, a popular morphing program I wrote on FurryMuck. It takes the form of commands you would need to type to re-create the program object. You will need to make a few minor edits to use it on another system. For example, instances of its dbref (#8813) will need to be changed to its new dbref.

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