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Damian Cugley

My Fabulous Life (2000-08-21) This is the minicomic I did in Jeremy’s workshop at CAPTION2000. The original was drawn as 16 panels on some page sized a bit over A4, and cut and folded in to a 16-page comic.

SEAHORSE cartoon The first cartoon drawing I've done in ages. This is the rejected ‘title page’ graphics for the SEAHORSE web site, which I've posted here to reassure friends I haven't entirely stopped drawing.

Aviemore album The Scottish village of Aviemore is best known as a skiing resort. My friend Alex's parents have a time-share on a lodge there which this year they were not using, so Jeremy, Alex, Adrian and I (Damian) headed up to Scotland for a week spent walking in the forest around the nearby Loch an Eilein and Loch Morlich.

Roch Castle mini-album Fifteen of us hired a Roch Castle in west Wales for a week in late October 1998. I had to leave early, so on my last day there Jeremy gave me a disposable camera to take a few snaps of the outside of the castle.

Bologna album The first project meeting of the SEAHORSE 2 project was held in Bologna, in northen Italy, on 22 and 23 October 1998. I took with me the disposable camera that Jeremy gave me to take pictures of Roch Castle.

Web project I have started collecting notes about my experiences in setting up this website. (Byte readers will recognize the name of one of Byte's regular columns.)

My Bike Yes! Pictures of my new bicycle, and not before time. Actually, I only have my bike here because I don't have a cat to give a webpage to...

My CAPTION97 photo album I took almost 200 pictures of small-press-comics folk at the convention CAPTION97. Here's the finished album, with many of the duff pictures discarded.

CAPTION96 photo album This is a collection of images collected at the CAPTION96 convention (in the summer of 1996). We now have a section on this website for CAPTION information.

Mud room (muds are also called mucks, mushes, moos, etc.) are multi-user, text-based, shared-world games. When I was at University and privileged with a free fast Internet connection I used to play them and built some interesting things. I've created a page to store some of them on.

A little about me This is copied from my pages on OCC's server.

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